Monday, February 22, 2010

An the award goes too...

This one has been sitting in my sketchbook for a while now. A long while. I gave everyone time to forget that this joke has been made like a million times. I was reading Dresden Codak and A Lesson is Learned and wanted to try to mix up the panel layout a bit, and thus this comic was born. It's okay I guess.

Zach out

Monday, February 15, 2010

It's a secret

Had a few snow days this week so I decided to finish this full page comic I wrote a while ago. I take any chance I get to make superman look like a jerk. I hate that dude. With a passion. Seriously, he sucks. I'm pretty happy with the panel layout in this one. I was getting tired of 3 panel comics. It took forever to ink and color so I probably won't do another one for a while. Expect another comic to come in the near future. About Kanye West maybe? I dunno, you'll have to find out.

Zach Out

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


What is this? A new comic? Well, it's not actually that new. I drew it about a month ago and hated it so I didn't post it, but now that I haven't updated in a while I decided to dust it off and put it up. Yay standards! I plan on actually updating every once and a while this semester. I make no promises on how often, but I will update. I've been reading a lot of new comics lately, namely Hark a Vagrant, The Everyday, The Loneliest Astronauts, and Space Avalanche, and feeling simultaneously inspired and depressed at my lack of creative output lately, thus my return to the update cycle. See you again sometime in the foreseeable future.

Zach Out